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Our Rates and Fees


Serving Gallup Employees and Their Families

As a credit union, we treat our "members" like family, and we are motivated by providing you and your family with the tools and resources for optimal financial wellbeing.

Who We Are

Our mission is to provide a safe and sound financial organization that leads a journey toward thriving financial wellbeing for all members through quality products, member education and superior service offered by a professional and caring staff.

Benefits of Being a Member

Membership is open to all full- and part-time Gallup employees and their immediate family members. Your membership can continue even if you move, change employment or retire -- once a member, always a member.

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Our Rates and Fees

Say Goodbye to High Loan Rates

Our not-for-profit status allows us to offer higher dividends on savings accounts, lower interest rates on loans and low fees. See our full list of rates and fees here.

Type Rate
Savings Accounts 0.20% - 0.70% APY
1 Year CD Rate 1.10% APY
New Auto Loan 5.99% APR
Used Auto Loan 6.24% APR
Personal Loan 12.99% APR
Your loan rate may vary, depending on your credit score, loan term and loan type.

Join Us Today

Joining Gallup FCU is easy and we're here to help. When you become a member, you unlock membership benefits that extend far beyond the personal service you can expect at Gallup FCU.

Financial Wellbeing

Helpful Articles and Information

Banking doesn't have to be confusing. See our full list of financial advice and wellbeing resources here on the Financial Wellbeing page.

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Buying a Home

At Gallup FCU, we are committed to making your home loan experience the best it can be.

Financial Education

Financial Planning and Wealth Management

We strive to anticipate and address new opportunities and challenges as they occur.

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Keeping a budget is the secret to staying financially afloat. Learn how to save money toward experiences, like vacations, gifts and more.